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Private Arts & Crafts Tour

This fascinating 4-hour tour allows you the opportunity to visit many local factories and souvenir stores around Rarotonga, and to meet a number of our local artists who are very passionate about our culture & history.

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Private Going Troppo Nightlife Tour

Going Troppos Private Nightlife Tour is an exhilarating 5-6 hour experience that safely takes you and your group of friends to a number of Rarotongas popular bars and nightclubs to enjoy the nightlife.

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Private Ocean & Earth Tour

This three hour tour takes you on a captivating excursion to explore the natural beauty of Rarotonga, from its green interiors to the white sandy coast lines. In an air-conditioned private car or mini van, your experienced local tour guide will drive you to many sites of interest as well as to places rarely seen by visitors.

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Private Myths & Legends Tour

In the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle, your private local and knowledgeable tour guide takes you on an intriguing journey to discover Rarotonga's rich culture and history.

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